What we do:

We create one of a kind pieces and limited collections by using vintage & specialty fabrics and a whole lot of imagination!

Each item is handmade and/or up cycled. Perfect for photoshoots, parties, and whimsical fashion collectors alike, known for its high quality and uniqueness!

Who we are:

My name is Covantry and I’m the designer behind Florence+Feather! It all started as a hobby in 2015 with accessory making, but shortly thereafter, I picked up sewing again. I began selling dresses, crowns and capes, which is my main focus now.

Magical and marvelous has always been the goal, and now we are ready to present this vision to you! Thank you for joining us on this journey!

The story of Florence + Feather: 

The name came from the idea of an adventurous little girl named Florence. She discovers a feather fluttering in front of her, while outside exploring. In her curiosity, she ends up chasing this feather to different magical places….similar to a key that unlocks new destinations in her imagination. 🪄

Florence represents all the kids that love everything mysterious and magical! I’m working on building a micro shop brand that brings imagination to life, especially for all those picture perfect moments!